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Roof Washing Prattville, Montgomery, Millbrook, AL

Moss and algae love to make their home on top of yours. Those little green patches may look innocent and seem harmless but if left unchecked they can wreak havoc on your lovely home. These little intruders can damage shingles, opening your roof up to exposure to the elements. This leads to roof damage—expensive damage. Instead of letting harmful roof squatters have their way, prevent damage by taking care of your roof. Give it a good cleaning. Call Sweet Home Soft Wash and ask about our roof cleaning services. We’ll clean away algae, mold, mildew, and moss as well as the stains they leave behind. We have a special method for washing your roof without using too much pressure (regular pressure washing can actually harm the roof). When we’ve finished, your roof will look worlds better and you will feel better knowing that you are preventing future damage.

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